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  • “On the right rail, is there opportunity to add custom modules for content or just spotlighting different questions/top questions in that first module?”

    There are four current modules on the right rail of a question and answer page:

     - Related questions - allows you to pair questions to other commonly asked questions.  For example, a maternity leave question might be paired with a paternity leave question.  Fully customizable -- but mapped at the question level.   You can map up to five related questions to a current question.

     - Top questions - these are "pinned" questions that are typically the most commonly asked of the organization.  Allows for up to 10 questions in the content block -- and the order can be set by the employer.

    - Apply now - links out to the ATS or career site.

    - Contact us - links out to an external contact form or CRM 


    In terms of custom modules, we need to review the scope of the request.   If it's a simple banner -- absolutely no problem.